Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Born of Fire by Heather McCorkle

Born Of Fire (A Channeler Story)Born Of Fire by Heather McCorkle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I won a copy of this book! Thanks to Giselle at Xpresso reads, and Heather McCorkal!)
This book is a short story split into two halves. The first half tells the story of Shannon and Kevan, a pair of warrior druids from Ireland. Shannon is heavily pregnant, and Kevan is worried that someone wants to harm the baby, as there is a prophecy surrounding him. Shannon and Kevan pack their car and try to leave before they are found, but are chased and run off the road, and then killed, as Shannon is giving birth to the baby – Aidan.

The second half of the story is set 16 years later, and gives an insight into Aidan’s life following his parent’s death. Aidan’s life is anything but ideal, as he suffers at the hands of his adoptive father.

This short story is just a little taste of Aidan’s story, which is continued in ‘The secret of spruce knoll’. The opening story about his parent’s death is intense and moving, and makes you want to know more about Aidan and the prophecy surrounding him.
I don’t usually like short stories, but I think that this is probably a nice start and worth reading if you are interested in the series.
7 out of 10.
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