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Resurrection (The Guardians of Vesturon, #2)Resurrection by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
I must start this review by telling you two things:
1 – I read the first book in this series and I didn’t like it very much, and
2 – In spite of number 1, it has been driving me crazy that I don’t know how Maddie’s story ends – so survival must have really gotten to me even though I wasn’t the biggest fan!

So, I have decided to read and review Resurrection to find out what happens to poor Maddie, and to put an end to this niggle. It’s been a while since I read survival, so I’m approaching this fresh, and with an open mind.

NOTE: If you are reading this review I am going to assume that you have read the first book in this series- Survival. If you haven’t read the first book please be aware that there will be spoilers for the first book in this review, as it is impossible to comment on it without!

Okay, so this book starts where Survival left off – Maddie has been attacked once again by the psychopath on the mountains, and has essentially died. Her spirit has gone on elsewhere where she talks with her dead parents. They urge her to go back to her body, and to live the rest of her life with Rayn.

Maddie does this, and is aided by Rayn’s brothers, who kill the psychopath, retrieve Maddie, and take her to their home planet to be healed again. Rayn is going crazy in his cell from hearing Maddie’s pleas for help, and has also injured himself.

Maddie recovers eventually and is reunited with Rayn who is very pleased to see her again.

What happens next? Maddie is then visited in her sleep by her dead mother, who tells her that her father – Maddie’s grandfather was a Vesturion also, which means that Maddie is part Vesturion also, and that consequently, Rayn did no wrong by taking her to Vesturon or choosing her as his mate.

Maddie is overjoyed when Rayn is let off his charges and is once again a free man, and is also very happy to finally meet her vesturon grandparents who she had thought she would never meet.

Life then throws a spanner in the works though, as Maddie realises that she’s still not ready to get married. Now that she has discovered her heritage as a vesturion, she feels that she must discover herself as a vesturon before she can marry Rayn.

Maddie then finds herself enrolling in the Guardian training programme on Vesturon. She is very good, and becomes a great Guardian. Problem is – will it be enough to win back Rayn?

I was actually enjoying this book at the start; that is until Maddie regained consciousness. Unfortunately Maddie was the same selfish, ridiculously clumsy, inconsiderate, immature little girl that she was in survival, and my heart just sank.
Oh Maddie, let me count the ways in which you show your total disregard for others:
1. One of Rayn’s brothers was telling her about Rayn’s upcoming trial and how worried they were (Rayn could be sentenced to death) – Maddie was teasing his sister about her incorrect use of English sayings. (I’m sorry, but Maddies reaction to the incorrect saying is always more annoying than what the sister has said in the first place.)
2. Maddie takes Rayn’s special edition Lamborghini and crashes it – his brother tells her how upset he will be – Maddie is pleased that she was able to drive it and says that it can be fixed!
3. Maddie’s dead mother visits her – she asks her to come back later ‘cause she’s tired.

4. After everything that has happened, Maddie asks to delay her wedding to Rayn in order to ‘find herself as a vesturion’, when Rayn isn’t happy about this (he can’t understand why she can’t do this while married to him), she tells him that he is breaking her heart!
5. Rayn is on trial for his life – Maddie is giggling in court.

Okay, forgetting Maddie for a minute, and sorry, onto the niggles.
1. Rayn’s brother tells him that he has feelings for Maddie and Rayn is okay with this. This is bizarre. I have asked loads of people what they would think in this situation and nobody said that they would be okay with it. This behaviour does also not fit with Rayn’s very possessive streak that is mentioned, and is actually a bit creepy.
2. Maddie’s mother showing up and telling her that she is part Vesturion is just too convenient. It’s a Dallas move – None of this crap really happened – it was all a dream. Total cop out, wouldn’t someone have noticed that Maddie wasn’t 100% human with all the scans and stuff they did on her every time she got injured?
3. Who in their right mind would let Maddie enrol in Guardian training? She can’t even make an omelette without damaging the kitchen, I certainly wouldn’t want her to be carrying around dangerous weapons. And what are the chances that she would be good? Surely if she’s clumsy and accident prone, this would only get worse when doing serious stuff under pressure?

Overall, the main storyline itself was not too bad, and the quality of the writing was excellent. It was Maddie and the niggles that let this book down. I will say that I think it was an improvement on the first but still didn’t do it for me. I’m glad that Maddie got her happy ending in the end though, and I wish A. M. Hargrove every success with her third Guardians of Vesturon book which I believe is coming out soon.
5 out of 10. 2.5/5 stars.
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  1. I definitely enjoyed this book more than the first.. and I actually like the characters although certain things annoy me as they did you.. but isn't the point of reading to escape reality and have some things happen that wouldn't normally happen? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I feel as though you were a little harsh.

    PS. Beginnings (prequel) is out today for free on Smashwords. ;)